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Hamsa Necklace

Hamsa Necklace


The Hamsa, or “Hand of Fatima” as it is sometimes referred to, is believed to be a sign of protection, harmony and balance. The hamza hand symbol is also said to bring good luck, ward off the evil eye, and protect against danger. It is often used as a decorative element in jewelry to invoke spiritual protection.


Look glorious and protected with the Hamsa Evil Eye Embossed Pendant Necklace! Made from 925 sterling silver, this pendant has been dipped in 22ct gold to give a beautiful and luxurious finish.


The pendant features an embossed pattern hamza hand with the image of a powerful evil eye on its palm. It comes with a 40-45cm chain that can be adjusted to suit your style. Plus, at being only 1.5cm long and 1 cm wide, it's lightweight enough (1.9grams) to forget it's there!


Whether you wish to attract fortune, protection or expand your fashion sense, this beautiful necklace is the perfect accessory for any occasion! Shop now and wear this symbol of power and beauty with confidence.

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